Nursing Awards

Nursing Awards

Across all settings of care at Mount Sinai South Nassau, nurses are an integral part of our health care team. To recognize nursing’s unconditional commitment and contributions to patient care, we have established an annual internal awards program that honors nurses at all levels, serving in a variety of professional nursing roles.

Internal awards include:

  • Transformational Leadership Award
  • Excellence in Nursing Education Award
  • Excellence in Nursing Practice Award
  • Excellence in Nursing Research Award
  • Excellence in Community Service Award
  • Excellence in Nursing Quality Award
  • Novice Nurse Award
  • LPN of Excellence
  • The DAISY Award

Mount Sinai South Nassau's Nurses are also recognized by our community at large, who appreciate and value the talents of nursing in our organization.

External recognition awards include:

  • The Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council Annual Nurse of Excellence Award
  • The Magnet Nurse of the Year Award

The 2020 Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council Annual Nurse of Excellence Award Nominee

For many frontline workers, 2020 was the most challenging in recent memory and perhaps in their careers. Stretched beyond limits, our nurses truly went above and beyond the call of duty every single day during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic on Long Island and in the months that followed. As such, no singular nurse, but Mount Sinai South Nassau’s entire Nursing Team was recognized by the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council in 2020:

Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau  Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau  Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau  Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau 
Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau  Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau  Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau 
Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau  Nursing at Mount Sinai South Nassau

It is difficult to select one defining moment that reflects the indomitable spirit of our Mount Sinai South Nassau Nurses during the COVID pandemic. There were so many. The legend of the teapot comes to mind, symbolic of nursing’s strength.  Like our nurses, teapots are seldom exactly alike, and they remind us that “hot water” brings out the best in nurses and the nursing profession.

Our emergency nurses courageously held the front line with a constant surge of acutely ill patients seeking care. They truly “rolled with the punches”, no matter how brutal, knowing a patient’s life may depend on them. Our critical care team extended themselves beyond expectations, when critical care beds more than quadrupled. They were steadfast and brave in the face of an unparalleled challenge. Our acute care nurses in Telemetry and Med-Surg quickly adapted to evolving assignments and a focus on respiratory management of the sickest of patients. Our perioperative and procedural nurses were witness to an unprecedented closure of their operating rooms and procedural units, but readily shared their skill and expertise to care for inpatients. Our dialysis nurses experienced an unexpected spike in the volume of patients requiring hemodialysis services. They accepted the challenge.

Our advance practice nurses were an integral part of the healthcare team: Nurse Practitioners assuming roles as clinical nurses and clinical leaders; CRNAs bringing their skills to newly created critical care units, leading the respiratory care of patients; and our behavioral health CNS focusing on preserving the psychological health of staff and promoting stress management.

Our infection prevention nurses led the way in a period of fear and uncertainty, helping staff to recognize the novelty of the coronavirus and remaining focused on the science surrounding the pandemic experience.

Our performance improvement nurses once again donned their scrubs and returned to the bedside to provide direct care and impact outcomes. Our care managers served as a liaison between providers and families, keeping connections. Women & Children’s nurses found innovative ways through technology to provide family-centered care and sharing of the birth experience in an environment that precluded family presence and visitation. Nurses from physician practices, homecare and other satellites returned to our main campus as a member of the bedside team. They reconnected with former colleagues and brought a wealth of experience to the patients they cared for.

Our nurse educators seamlessly onboarded redeployed nursing staff, agency nurses and provided ongoing education for rapidly changing practices. Our nurse leaders calmly and courageously led during a time of unplanned and sometimes chaotic change. They remained a consistent source of support for nursing staff and fostered continuing communication that all could rely on.

Our nurses worked tirelessly, putting in days and hours well beyond what was expected, putting patients and staff first, putting their own needs on a back burner. Nurses were on the front line of COVID: fighting fiercely to save patient lives, motivating and leading through insurmountable challenges, supporting colleagues, and easing the path of those who were lost to the ravages of COVID.  Caring and focus helped us get the job done and meet overwhelming challenges face on. Our many nurses of excellence were steeped to full strength and emerged as our heroes!

The 2020 Magnet Nurse of the Year Award Nominee

Lucille Hughes

Mount Sinai South Nassau’s 2020 nominee for Magnet Nurse of the Year is Lucille Hughes, DNP, MSN/Ed, CDCES, BC-ADM, FADCES, Director of Diabetes Education. She empowers others to reach an optimal level of health by guiding them to discover inner strengths and embrace self-management. Lucille’s optimistic spirit is a gift that inspires colleagues and patients. Her passion has focused on diabetes prevention and management, through education, recognizing that diabetes presents across all patient populations. Lucille’s commitment to quality and safety, along with her experience, advocacy and influence are instrumental to achieving exceptional outcomes for our diabetic patients.