Meet Heidi

Heidi F. Testimonial

“My flu-like symptoms turned out to be a heart attack.”

NAME: Heidi F.
Cardiac Arrest

Meet Heidi F., 60, of Woodmere, NY

I was getting ready for my grandson’s birthday, when all of a sudden I became weak. I thought I was coming down with the fl u. Before going to sleep, I called my son and told him that something didn’t feel right. We took no chances and called 911. The paramedics arrived and within minutes I was in cardiac arrest.

I woke up a few days later and after many tests the doctors determined that the upper part of my heart wasn’t sending signals to the bottom part to pump blood and that’s why my heart stopped. I was fitted with an ICD to treat my irregular heartbeat. After the procedure, I’m back to normal, I’m energetic and I feel great.

Why I choose Mount Sinai South Nassau? The entire cardiac team was amazing. No amount of words will ever help me express how thankful I am. They’re my heroes. They’re my angels.

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