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For your hip, knee, shoulder, hands and arms, the experienced team of the Long Island Joint Replacement Institute tailors treatments to meet your goals. We’re part of Mount Sinai South Nassau Orthopedics. And we specialize in treating joints damaged by overuse, repetitive injury and osteoarthritis. We create customized plans to improve your range of motion and relieve debilitating pain, so you can do the activities you want and need to do.

Our surgeons specialize in custom-fitted total joint replacement surgery as well as “minimally invasive” joint replacement surgery. Minimally invasive procedures offer great benefits over traditional surgery. And we work closely with experts in pain management and rehabilitation. Our patients are usually up and around the same day. And our goal is to get you back home in three days or less, well below the national average. So you can continue rehabilitation with all the comforts of home.

Advanced Joint Replacement and Care

Our specialists have expertise in using the latest technologies and tools, including:

  • Uni-Knee partial knee replacement 
  • Repairing knee cartilage using the patient’s own cells (Carticel® therapy)
  • Image-guided knee replacement, where we use cameras and enlarged viewing screens to see inside the joint during surgery
  • Reconstruction of the foot and ankle following an injury
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Hand and upper extremity surgery
  • Transplants of the meniscus, part of a joint that cushions the ends of the bones
  • Shoulder evaluation and treatment, at the Shoulder Center
  • Minimally invasive surgery, advanced techniques for quicker recovery

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (888) 91-REPLACE or (888) 917-3752.

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