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Update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the number of cases of COVID-19 has grown substantially in the greater New York area, the Mount Sinai Health System is committed to bringing you the latest information including how to get care at Mount Sinai, protecting yourself from COVID-19, our visitor policy, and much more. You will find our information is constantly updated, in response to the changing situation.

Mount Sinai is well prepared for this outbreak. Our infectious disease specialists are trained and equipped to care for patients with complex diseases such as COVID-19, and have procedures in place to help you get the care you need, such as our virtual service Mount Sinai Now.

New York State Quarantine Exemption for Patients and Companions

New York State has announced that it will make an exception from its new quarantine rules for patients traveling here for necessary medical care and their companions.

Patients from a state where there is significant community spread of COVID-19, and their companions, may travel here despite the quarantine “for a medical procedure, elective procedure, or other appointment that cannot be postponed,” according to the state Department of Health. Patients and their companions must remain quarantined except for travel that is necessary to their medical care, and the companions must abide by the visitor policy while on our campuses.

More information on New York’s quarantine policies, including a list of states to which it applies, can be found on the NYS DOH web site.

Patient Information

If your symptoms include fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or if you have had close contact with a confirmed or potential person diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you should call ahead and then go to your personal physician or browse our directory of local physicians and specialists. Calling ahead will let us prepare a special area where we can evaluate you while protecting both you and our other patients. Please do not go to the emergency room unless you are seriously ill.

Revised Hospital Visitation Program at Mount Sinai South Nassau:

Mount Sinai South Nassau is delighted to announce that beginning on Friday, June 19th, and daily thereafter, our expanded visitation will be initiated during the hours of 4p - 8p

  • Patients may now have more than one visitor, but no more than one visitor at a time and for no more than a total of four hours per day. Visiting hours are 4-8p daily. Behavioral Health visiting hours are 6p-8p daily.
  • Per New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot permit visitors from restricted states, documented at coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory
  • Visitor must be 18 years or older
  • Visitor will be required to provide their name and contact information and the name of the patient they are visiting
  • Each visitor will undergo a symptom and temperature check upon entering the hospital.
  • Visitation will be denied to anyone who reports significant exposure to or symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of the visit. Symptoms include:
    • Temperature equal to or greater than 100 or Chills
    • Body or muscle aches
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Thorough hand hygiene must be performed before entering and upon leaving the patient’s room
  • A surgical mask is required to be worn at all times; one will be provided if needed.
  • Additional Protective Equipment will be provided if indicated
  • Once in the facility, the visitor must remain in the patient’s room throughout the visit except when requested to leave by the staff
  • No visitor access at the Washington Avenue entrance
  • The Emergency Room remains closed to visitors at this time
  • No visitors allowed in the Transitional Care Unit as per New York State Department of Health guidelines
  • There are no changes to the Pediatrics or Maternity visiting policies

There are limited policy exceptions for HEALTHY visitors, including:

  • Labor and Delivery, including immediate postpartum period: One healthy visitor, no rotation.
    • Patient’s support person will be allowed to stay with the mother until her until her discharge from the hospital
    • Patient’s support person will be allowed to come and go to and from the hospital during the time of the patient’s hospitalization
    • Patient’s support person will be instructed to wear a mask for the duration of being in the hospital
    • Patient’s support person will be assessed for signs and symptoms of COVID, including temperature checks every 12 hours
    • Obstetrics Visitor Policy FAQ
  • Pediatrics, NICU and Pediatrics ED: One healthy visitor allowed. (Rotation between two healthy visitors is only allowed in prolonged hospitalizations but only one visitor may be present at a time.)
  • Immediate End of Life situations: Two healthy visitors (only one may be present at a time), as long as we can ensure visitor and staff safety. If the patient is a parent of a minor child, one adult family member and one child may be permitted at the bedside.
  • Patients for Whom a Support Person has been determined to be essential to the care of the patient (medically necessary) including patients with intellectual and/or development disabilities and patients with cognitive impairments including dementia: One healthy visitor allowed. (Rotation between two healthy visitors is only allowed in prolonged hospitalizations but only one visitor may be present at a time.)

All visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, including temperature checks upon admission and every 12 hours thereafter. If a visitor shows any symptoms, staff will politely ask them to leave and provide appropriate follow-up information.

Depending on the patient situation, some visitors will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

Please note, the visitor policy may be adjusted to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors.

We will support connection to family and friends through virtual means such as phone, Face Time, Skype or Zoom meeting. By doing this, we aim to meet our patients and their families’ needs while ensuring a safe environment.

Thank you for your understanding in these very difficult times. Please check the visitor policy for updates prior to your visit.

Due to these visiting restrictions, the following enhancements for patients have been enabled:

  • FREE television service for all patients
  • Patients will be asked to designate an external partner in their care, to whom updates on their condition will be provided daily
  • Patient discharge instructions will be made available for playback from any phone the patient chooses and will contain all pertinent information to the individual patient’s case. Instructions will be provided and can be shared with family members if the patient chooses

All Emergency Department Patients

You must use the Emergency Department entrance off Oceanside Road (back of the hospital). There is no Emergency Department access through the main entrance of the hospital.

Public Events Cancellation

In order to best protect our patients, staff and community from the current public health crisis related to COVID-19, effective March 10, we have instituted a temporary policy cancelling all in-person lectures, events, classes, and meetings across the Mount Sinai Health System. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

The steps to protect yourself from COVID-19 are generally the same as those for the flu:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available
  • Avoid close contact with sick people
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend that people who are well wear a face mask to protect themselves from respiratory illnesses, including the flu and COVID-19. Face masks should be used by people who show symptoms of these diseases to help prevent the spread of the disease to others.

The CDC website remains your best source for up-to-date, detailed information about COVID-19. Mount Sinai Health System experts also offer important facts and scientific insights about the disease.

CDC Resources

CDC Website
Information from the CDC on COVID-19

COVID-19 Infographc

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Preventive measures for Flu & COVID-19
How to Wash Your Hands the Right Way (Video)

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Thank You

A big thank you to our amazing community and more than 50 local businesses for their support during this difficult time. Your donations of food for our hardworking nurses and staff have warmed our hearts and lifted our spirits. We are so grateful. Please continue to support these local businesses who donated to Mount Sinai South Nassau.

24 Hour Bagel, 7-11, AccessIT Group, Adelphi Nursing Program, Airstream Foods, Alan Hartstein, Amir Gal, Andrew Tarica, Andy Trevors, Aneisha Sampson, Ann Leahy RVC FB Group, Ann Seligson, Anthony Forte, Anthony & Wendy Ponte, Art of Living Foundation, Arvin Maskin, Arya Samaj of Long Island, Ashley Gallagher, Bagel Boss, Bailystok & Bloom, Baldwin Harbor Deli, Baldwin Knight of Columbus, Baldwin Public Library, Barbara Palm, Bare Burger, Barry Group, Beach Terrace, Bel-Air Electric, Biorobotics, Blair Longaro FB Group, Blue Moon, Bob Derrig, Bobs Health Food, Bob & Toni LeBlang, Bonbino’s, Bonefish, Bosco Family Foods/Karl Ehmer, Brian Zegans, Brian Ziegler, Brown Bag It, Bruce & Marla Golden, Burgerology, Chabad of Oceanside, Chaminade Basketball Team, Chaminade Hockey Team, CHOPT, Christian Browne & Friends, Christine Dato & Friends, Cino Bagels, Comprehensive Audiology, Cong. Kathleen Rice, Cory Friedman, Craft Kitchen, Cure of Ars, David Darmstadter, David Malin, David Schwartz, Deerfield Management, Delicious Moments, Doughology, Dr. Datta, Dr. Alan Garley, Dr. Dean Pappas, Dr. Mala Balakumr, Dr. Steve Wyler, Dr. Pappodopoulis Bellmore Dermatology, Dominick & Vera Valente, Dino & MaryJane Lamanna, Dunkin Donuts Oceanside, Edward Nusblatt, Elizabeth Gopaul, Emily McLaughlin & Friends, Empire Merchants, Empire Nutrition, Ergonomic, Erica Seldman & Friends, F&L Deli, Eva Papka, Fabulous Fashions by Sheri, Farmer Joel’s, Finns Deli, FOP lodge 69, Forbara Family, Four Horseman, Frank Acosta, Freeport Fire Department, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Friends in East Rockaway, Friends of CJ’s Coffee Shop, Gary Beratis, Gigi Feder, Giusy Taiani, GM Construction, Haitian Ladies of Long Island, Half Way Down, Harbor Deli, Harris Beach, Harry Cederbaum & Twillory, Helping Hands, Herman Goldsmith, Hewlett Station Frozen Yogurt, Home Appliance, Hopes Land of Candy, House Music for Heroes, Hyland, IHOP, Jack Duggan’s, Jack’s Pizza, Jack & Stephanie Seiblad, Jeannie Perez & Friends, Jeannie Reardon, Jeff Ferrara, Jerry’s Auto Care, Jerry Gatacht, Jessica Corcoran & Friends, Jim Kerby, Jinali Zaveri, Joe Fennessy, Joel & Susan Schneider, John Vitale & The Bridgeview, Jonny & Julia Baron, Josh Candiotti, Joshua Margolin Group, Kate Phillips, Kwynn Smith, Larry Marcus, Larry & Alice Reichenberg, Laura Roberts, Laura Rossillo FB Group, LB Social, LEB Electric, Leroy Roberts, Lia’s, Linda Sandorfi, Lions Club International Foundation, Lisa Masci & Friends, Long Beach Jewish Community, Lonnie Fine, Lou Rubino, Lugi & Isabella Moccia, Lynne & Bill Maniace, Madelaine Chocolate Company, Maria Barone, Karen Bonnet & Friends, Marielle Healy & Friends, Mario’s Bakery, Mark Kalish, Mark Moran, Mark & Donna Baron, Mark Buro, Mary Tedaldi, Massapequa Diner, Maureen & Barny Chiarello, Mavis Tire Center Corporate, Mazor Family, Mike Alexander, Melissa Alcoba & Friends, Michael Weiss, Michelle James Group, Mindy Oslon, Mitchell Greenspan, Nancy & Scott Wachs, Naomi Usdan, Nassau Suffolk Board of Realtors, New Waive Graphics, Northwestern Mutual, NYIT Students, Oceanside School #4 PTA, Oceanside School District,  Pancho’s, Panera of RVC, Parlay, Pastosa Pasta, Penny Fisher, Promobile Kitchen, Quality Prime Meats – Charlie the Butcher, Randee Silver & Friends, Richard Almonte, Ray Faus, Retired NYPD Sergeant’s Group, Rajeev Ram, Randy & Rachel Gwirtzman, Rebakah Mennies, Remy’s, Rhonda Maco, Rhyam Persaud, Rock-A-Taco, Rockville Links Club, Rodney Abrams, Rosario Construction, RoseAnn D’Amato & Friends, RVC Lions Club, Salpino’s, Seaford Moms FB, Seawane Country Club, Senator Todd Kaminsky, Sindone Family, Singh Family, Slice out of Hunger, Smart One Life, Snoop Security, Sobel of RVC, South Shore Rehab, Steel Equities, Steve Vaccaro, Stonegate Realty, Stony Creek Services, Student of JFK High School, Suez Company, Susan Cooperstock, Susan Lowney & Friends, Swet N Patel & Tina Snehal Shah, Shalom Maidenbaum, Temple Avodah, Temple Sinai – Friends of a Friend and the Brotherhood, Tom Owen, Teresa LB Facebook Group, The Curry Club, The Dirty Taco, The Dover Group, The Grand at South Point, The Irish Pub, Tibbles, Tom & Nancy Papa, Tony D’s Pizza, Tony G’s Pizza, Tony Iovino Group, Tracey Webb, Tracie Morley & Friends, Valerie Doneger, Vicki Metz, Village of Island Park Board of Trustees, Villia Formia, Whisky Bakery, Young Indian Culture Group

List updated as of 5/15/20.

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