Mount Sinai South Nassau Dialysis Services

Mount Sinai South Nassau Dialysis Services

If you or a loved one needs dialysis, the experts at Mount Sinai South Nassau offer convenient options for treatment. To care for our patients who have chronic kidney disease or acute renal (kidney) failure, our caring, experienced staff provides:

  • Patient and family education
  • Rehabilitation
  • Advice on maintaining a high quality of life
  • Lifestyle changes that can improve your health
  • Diet
  • Coping and stress management

Dialysis, or hemodialysis, is a way to remove waste from the body when the kidneys can no longer do this well. Dialysis also helps rid the body of extra fluid, and it helps restore the balance of electrolytes, or minerals important to many of the body’s functions. At Mount Sinai South Nassau dialysis centers, our experts have combined advanced medical technology with modern-day amenities. So you’ll be comfortable and relaxed during your visits with us.

Outpatient Dialysis Center

Located in Oceanside, N.Y., Mount Sinai South Nassau's Outpatient Dialysis Center sets a high standard for care. We’ve equipped our 18 patient stations with state-of-the-art dialysis technology. And we provide a range of amenities for your comfort:

  • Individual lighting and heating control
  • Satellite-linked, high-definition televisions
  • High-speed Internet services
  • Personal telephones

Mount Sinai South Nassau Outpatient Dialysis Center
3618 Oceanside Road
Oceanside, NY 11572
(516) 255-8000

Inpatient Dialysis Center

If you’re a patient staying overnight at Mount Sinai South Nassau, we’ve created a comfortable, semiprivate setting for dialysis treatment. In our Inpatient Dialysis Center, staffed by specially trained nurses, you’ll relax in comfortable recliners or beds during your treatment. Please call (516) 255-8062 for more information.

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