Genetics Program

Mount Sinai South Nassau Genetics

The genetics department at Mount Sinai South Nassau works closely with both the Maternal Fetal Medicine and Oncology departments to provide consultations on prenatal genetic diagnoses and hereditary cancer predispositions.

Cancer Genetics

Cancer genetic counseling involves helping patients and families to understand their personal and/or family history of cancer. We evaluate this history to determine the probability of a hereditary cancer syndrome in your family and to facilitate genetic testing for individuals who are interested. Genetic testing is not a required part of genetic counseling. Some of the most common reasons individuals are referred to cancer genetic counseling include:

  • Individuals with a personal and/or family history of cancer diagnosed under the age of 50
  • Individuals with a personal and/or family history of rare cancer types (e.g. ovarian or male breast cancer)
  • Individuals with multiple people in the family with the same or related cancer types
  • Individuals with a personal and/or family history of more than one primary cancer in the same person
  • Individuals with a close relative with a known mutation in a cancer gene

Cancer genetic counseling can benefit anyone who has questions or concerns about their risks to develop cancer. If you have questions about our referral process, please contact us at (516) 497-7550.

Prenatal Genetics

Reproductive genetic counseling works with families before and during pregnancy to assess risks to have a baby with a genetic condition or a congenital anomaly. Genetic counselors are trained in helping families navigate challenging prenatal decisions and diagnoses. We individualize care and help families determine what information is most useful to them. We can offer appropriate blood work to clarify familial risks or ultrasound findings, and can explain the benefits, risks, and limitations of diagnostic procedures. Some common reasons someone is referred for prenatal genetic counseling include:

  • Advanced maternal or paternal age
  • Abnormal routine blood work or genetic screening test results
  • Abnormal ultrasound findings
  • Family history of a genetic condition or birth defect
  • Concerns about environmental, medication, or drug exposures

Certified Genetic Counselors

Samantha Anderson, MS, CGC

Samantha Anderson, MS, CGC
Samantha is a certified genetic counselor specializing in prenatal and cancer genetics. She received a bachelor's degree in biology from Boston University and a master’s degree in evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona where she studied population genetics and adaptation. She completed a second master’s in genetic counseling at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY and conducted research on facilitating genetic testing in families with hereditary cancer syndromes. Sam also spent several years as a teacher and volunteer coordinator for various institutions. Her clinical and research interests include variant interpretation, cascade testing, and tumor sequencing.

Joanna Urli, MS, CG

Joanna Urli, MS, CGC
Joanna Urli is a Certified Genetic Counselor specializing in oncology and prenatal genetics at Mount Sinai South Nassau. She received a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Alabama where she also studied Women's Studies and Psychology. She then went on to pursue her MS in Genetic Counseling from the Boston University School of Medicine. Her capstone research project focused on the underlying causes of the lack of diversity in the genetic counseling profession and she plans to continue similar research at Mount Sinai South Nassau. Joanna’s clinical interests include cancer genetics, preconception carrier screening, and increasing access to genetics services.

Location and Hours

The genetics department is located of the 4th floor of the F building on the Mount Sinai South Nassau main campus. Genetic counseling appointments are available Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm.

Making an Appointment

A referral for genetic counseling from your physician is required for an appointment. To schedule an appointment for genetic counseling services, please call (516) 497-7550. Referrals and medical records can be faxed to (516) 497-7497. Please contact us with any questions about the referral process.