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South Nassau Communities Hospital has a large collection of videos including patient testimonial videos, educational videos and community Doc Talks. Browse through our Video Library to find information on a wide array of topics, including cancer, heart & vascular disease, weight loss surgery, orthopedics and much more ...

Angelo's Amazing Weight Loss
With weight loss surgery, I didn’t just lose weight – I lost my diabetes!  Sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgeries can not only help you lose weight, but can help you lose your Type 2 diabetes by causing it to go into remission in 78 percent of patients. That’s a fact, not a tall fishing tale!  Register for one of our free educational seminars at
Gary's Story - South Nassau's Cardiology Program
Hear Bellmore resident Gary Rosenberg's story of how Dr. Jason Freeman, Director of Interventional Cardiology at South Nassau, saved his life as he was having a heart attack.
A Story to Take to Heart
When Francis B. woke up with a sharp pain in his chest, he knew something wasn't right.  See how South Nassau Communities Hospital cardiac team saved his life. Learn more about South Nassau's Center for Cardiovascular Health.
South Nassau Trauma and Emergency Department Team Saved Dorothy’s Life
Dorothy Yamali, of Island Park, and her son Butch recount how the South Nassau Trauma and Emergency Department Team saved Dorothy’s life after she was mauled by a dog. To support South Nassau’s Emergency Department Expansion, visit