What to Expect

Novalis - What to Expect

Before Your Treatment
You’ll receive a brief description of the pre-treatment procedure, including what paperwork is required, and you’ll schedule your consultation. Generally, before your arrival and first consultation, all your medical records will be received and reviewed. You’ll be asked to provide your insurance information and complete a patient questionnaire and standard release forms such as patient confidentiality, approvals for medical records to be forwarded to South Nassau, and other vital information, to be forwarded to S.N.

In some cases, additional information is needed prior to your first consultation. If so, a member of our staff will contact you to ensure receipt of all documents.

Your First Consultation
We’ve designed our process to relieve as much stress as possible. From your initial greeting to a review of your medical history to your consultation with a Radiation Oncologist, you’ll be informed and supported every step of the way.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted and all necessary information will be confirmed and reviewed.

Then you will be escorted to an exam room where a Radiation Oncology Nurse will take your vital signs, review your medical history and provide information on what to expect.

You will then meet with the Radiation Oncologist who will explain the role of radiation therapy, discuss the risks and benefits, and answer any questions you may have about the treatment recommended for you.

This is where the preparation for your treatment begins.

Steps may include:

  • Planning session / CT scan
  • A customized mold
  • Markings
  • Scheduling

Before the start of radiation treatments, you will need to have a “planning session.” Generally, this session entails a planning CT scan. Although you may have had several CT scans, this scan is done for radiation therapy planning purposes only. Your radiation oncologist will customize a treatment plan specific to you.

The planning CT scan will generally last about one hour. During this session, the radiation therapist may create a custom mold - a painless procedure that will take just minutes. Markings may be placed on your skin, around the area of your radiation therapy treatment.

You may receive permanent markings, also known as tattoos. This will be done with some ink and a needle, and all you will feel is a tiny pinprick. The radiation therapist will also take photos for documentation.

Once your CT scan is completed, our staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient time for your upcoming treatments.

Your Treatment
The course of action has been decided between you and your physician, but you won’t be alone.

Members of our radiosurgery staff monitor your progress and possible side effects through “On Treatment Visits.”

In most cases, a weekly visit, called an “On Treatment Visit” is held with a physician or nurse. These visits are designed to monitor your progress – allowing the doctor or nurse to manage possible side effects you may be experiencing, examine your skin, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The length of treatment time and number of sessions will vary depending on the area of your treatment.

The Follow-Up
You've completed your treatments and you can see the finish line. The final step in your journey is the follow-up.

Upon completion of your treatments, you'll be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment, approximately 6 weeks after finishing your last treatment.

It is important that you keep this appointment and also follow up with your referring physician and primary doctor.

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What to Expect

You’ll receive a brief description of the pre-treatment procedure, including what paperwork is required...

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