Your Team and Treatment Plan

We have experience and expertise in healing wounds from accidents and surgery, as well as “chronic” wounds — those caused by certain medical conditions, for example, which are often difficult to treat.

No matter what the cause of your wound, much of the success of treatment depends on you. We’ll count on you to follow directions carefully and watch your progress closely. You’ll learn about caring for your wound at home, including how to change dressings and how to protect yourself from further injuries. We’re always here to answer questions and give you the support you need to heal.

Types of Wounds We Treat

  • Pressure ulcers, or bed sores: wounds on the skin caused by extended sitting or lying down
  • Diabetic and neuropathic ulcers, caused by poor circulation or nerve damage
  • Venous insufficiency ulcers, a common wound, caused by veins that cannot circulate blood properly, especially in the legs
  • Arterial or ischemic wounds, caused by poor blood supply
  • Those caused by incisions, or cuts, needed to perform surgery
  • Those caused by accidents and other trauma
  • Injuries to tissue due to radiation treatment
  • Minor burns

Your Treatment Plan Might Include:

  • Lab tests
  • Radiology and other imaging exams, including MRI and ultrasound
  • Removal of dead or nonviable tissue (debridement)
  • Tests for infection
  • Blood flow measurement
  • Blood glucose (blood sugar) tests
  • Compression therapy, such as flexible but snug “socks” over a leg wound, for example, to promote healing
  • Specialized, creative ways to position the body to promote wound healing (“off-loading” techniques)
  • Bioengineered tissues, growth factor therapy
  • Dressings or bandages that use advanced technology
  • Pain management, including medicines and pain management experts

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We have experience and expertise in healing wounds from accidents and surgery, as well as “chronic”...

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