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South Nassau Truth In Medicine Poll: Many Parents Remain Unclear About Safety of Vaccines

Some Still Mistakenly Believe There is a Link to Autism.

Some parents remain uncertain about the safety of vaccines and some mistakenly believe there is a link between autism and getting their children vaccinated, despite overwhelming scientific evidence pointing to the benefits of vaccinations in the fight against the spread of deadly childhood diseases.

While over 90% of area parents say they have had their children vaccinated, almost 40% are unsure or believe that vaccines can potentially cause autism, according to the latest South Nassau Truth in Medicine™ poll of metro area residents.

Meanwhile, almost 30% of the respondents believe children who are unvaccinated should be allowed to attend school.

Attitudes regarding autism and social interactions with those who have not been vaccinated varied by age, gender and racial lines, the poll showed.

The South Nassau Truth in Medicine Poll, sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union, surveyed 600 residents of Long Island and New York City as part of South Nassau’s effort to gather data about public attitudes on key public health topics and help spur public education to improve health. This is the third South Nassau poll this year. Two earlier polls gauged public attitudes about going to work with the flu and about the dangers of antibiotic overuse.

South Nassau 'Truth in Medicine' Poll: Many Parents Remain Unclear About Safety of Vaccines

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