Physician Recognition

Physician Service Awards

At the Physician Service Awards ceremony. Back row, from left to right: Lawrence Rand, MD; Michael Smar, MD; David Wollner, MD; Raul Mendoza, MD; Louis Swartz, MD; Sanjay Sahay, MD; Leonard Ingber, MD; and Steven Seiden, MD. Front row, from left to right: Harish Sood, MD; David Grill, MD; Ivan Mikolaenko, MD; Ricardo “Eric” Cruz, MD; and Steven Kadish, MD.

Saluting South Nassau's Physicians

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, South Nassau honored 109 physicians who contributed between five and 52 years of service to the hospital. Below is a partial listing of the physicians who were saluted. For the complete list, click here.

52 Years — Medicine
Lester Ploss, MD

50 Years — Pediatrics
Andrew Ageloff, MD


49 Years — Surgery
Stephen Burstein, MD            

48 Years — Surgery
Stratos Kantounis, MD

47 Years — Medicine
Gilbert Weinstein, MD

46 Years — Surgery
Warren Janus, MD            

45 Years — Surgery
Albert Katz, MD

44 Years — Medicine
Melvin Young, MD

41 Years — Pediatrics
Joseph Reiss, MD            

40 Years — Medicine
Ralph Caselnova, MD
Donald Feinsod, MD
Harish Sood, MD 

35 Years — Medicine
Mark Kessler, MD            

Dennis Draizen, MD
Prakish Saharia, MD
Mark Silberman, MD

30 Years — Medicine
David Grill, MD
Glen MacDonald, MD
Raul Mendoza, MD
Lawrence Rand, MD
Steven Seiden, MD
Michael Smar, MD
Jeffrey Smoller, MD            

Alex Hirsch, MD

Mitchell Goldstein, MD
Jay Kerner, DPM

25 Years — Medicine
Leonard Ingber, MD
Raul Mendoza, MD            

Naomi Chaim-Waterman, MD




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Physician Recognition

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, South Nassau honored 109 physicians who contributed between five and...

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