Truth About Flu

The Truth About Flu

The Truth Behind the Spread of the Flu The first South Nassau “Truth in Medicine” Poll of 600 New Yorkers reveals that many metro area residents go to work even if they have the flu despite an awareness by an overwhelming majority that the flu virus is spread person to person. Some 42 percent also incorrectly believe you can get the flu from the flu shot.

How we get the flu virus and how we can best prevent it are important questions for which families and friends seem to have many (and often conflicting) answers for. 

In this five-part series, Dr. Aaron Glatt, Chair of Medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital and Chief of Infectious Diseases, discusses the influenza virus in plain language and its symptoms, how it is spread, measures you can take to reduce your risk for flu, and treatment.

Vaccination for the flu is available during the season from many sources, including pharmacies, your primary care physician or our Centers for Family Medicine in Oceanside and Long Beach. Most people require about two weeks after the vaccine is administered to them to build up a suitable resistance to the flu virus.

Dr. Aaron Glatt - Flu Series Part 1 - Symptoms:

Dr. Aaron Glatt; - Flu Series Part 2 - Vaccine:

Dr. Aaron Glatt - Flu Series Part 3 - Prevention:

Dr. Aaron Glatt - Flu Series Part 4 - Treatment:

Dr. Aaron Glatt - Flu Series Part 4 - High Risk