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South Nassau's Proposed FEMA Projects

South Nassau Communities Hospital has developed a comprehensive proposal for investment of FEMA dollars in Long Beach and Oceanside based in part on a detailed Long Beach Needs Analysis, independently conducted by Bruce Vladeck, PhD, the former head of the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA — now the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) during the Clinton administration and the former president of the United Hospital Fund.

Dr. Vladeck’s report, which is available for inspection here, presents findings and analysis of the Long Beach Barrier Island’s health needs and includes his recommendations to address those needs.

Based on the report’s findings, under the "alternative use" provision of FEMA legislation, South Nassau Communities Hospital intends to invest dollars in both its Long Beach and Oceanside campuses, to maximize benefit to both Long Beach and the South Shore service area of the hospital, which stretches from the Rockaways to the Massapequas.

The hospital proposes to spend about $40 million on a Medical Arts Pavilion in Long Beach that would be the permanent home of the Long Beach Emergency Department as well as house other services identified by the needs assessment. This project would be in addition to the current investment of more than $30 million in the existing Long Beach campus, which is home to Long Island’s first freestanding Emergency Department and its Center for Family Medicine at Long Beach.

An estimated $130 million is planned to upgrade South Nassau’s Oceanside campus to include services that would provide significant benefit to Long Beach, a key ZIP code served by the Oceanside facility, as well as many other South Shore communities. Upgrades are planned to include nearly doubling the size of the Oceanside emergency services space, which houses a Level II Trauma Center; make key additions and upgrades to the hospital’s surgical suites; and provide additional critical care beds. The hospital’s emergency electrical system also would be upgraded and fortified against future storms.

South Nassau has briefed more than 60 local community, civic and elected leaders about its plans for the FEMA-funded expansion. That process will continue in the weeks ahead as hospital officials seek additional input from the communities we serve. The proposed plans still must undergo a series of formal review procedures at the local and state levels.


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Long Beach Medical Arts Pavilion

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