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Preparing for Your Procedure at Mount Sinai South Nassau

Mount Sinai South Nassau About Your Stay

At Mount Sinai South Nassau, we take pride in providing the highest quality care to all our patients. We want you to have the best possible experience before, during, and after your procedure—and the best possible outcome. To help you on your way, we provide instructions on how to prepare and what to expect. Please follow these instructions carefully.

Ensuring Your Procedure Takes Place

Before your procedure, please complete the following to ensure that your procedure is confirmed. These requirements include:

  • Complete your preadmission evaluation: Complete these evaluations 7 to 30 days before your procedure date. Your primary care doctor (PCP) can complete the required presurgical evaluation, or we can perform these evaluations at Mount Sinai South Nassau Family Medicine, located next to the hospital at 196 Merrick Road.
  • Complete our required online registration form.
  • Share requested medical records: Make sure your doctor has received any requested medical records or other information about your health.
  • Read our latest COVID-19 policies. Your physician will inform you of any necessary testing requirements.
  • Secure an escort. If you are having a procedure and going home the same day, you will need to arrange for a person to accompany you home (an escort). Please read more about our escort requirements under Preparing for Your Procedure: General Information.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by your nurse practitioner at your presurgical evaluation.
  • Register for One Medical Passport, which will be utilized for your presurgical evaluation visit. One Medical Passport is a secure, online account for you to provide medical history information to your health care team.

Planning Your Visit

The day before your procedure, the ambulatory surgery team will call you by 5 pm to inform you of your time of arrival. If you do not hear from a member of our team by 5 pm, please call 516-632-3938. Mount Sinai South Nassau is accessible by car.

Planning Your Visit

When you arrive for your procedure, please go to Ambulatory Surgery Registration on the First Floor. Please bring the following items:

  • Government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, or New York State ID)
  • Health insurance card 
  • Prescription card, and pharmacy name and phone number
  • Any physician referrals, as requested
  • Health care proxy information, if you have one (speak to your care team for more information)
  • A contact lens container (if you wear contacts)
  • We suggest wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on
  • If you expect to be admitted and spend the night after your procedure, please bring any personal items you will need for your stay. Please bring only what you need, and leave your valuables, including jewelry, watches, rings, earrings, and cash, at home.

Visitor Information

You may come to our location with a visitor/companion, who will be directed to wait in the surgical waiting room. Mount Sinai South Nassau does not currently allow visitors during the admission process. Due to COVID-19, our visitor policies change periodically; check our latest COVID-19 Visitor Policies.

Leaving the Hospital

Before you leave the hospital, your surgeon will give you instructions about medications, rest, and other things you need for a safe and comfortable recovery. If you have any questions, please speak with your doctor.

You must have an escort with you who is at least 18 years old when you leave the hospital.

Information About Billing and Insurance

For more information, please refer to our Billing and Insurance policies.

Medical Records

For information on how to obtain your medical records, please refer to the Medical Records section of our website.

One Medical Passport

One Medical Passport is a secure, online account for you to provide medical history information to your health care team. Create your account today.

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