How are Chiari and EDS Related?

Chiari Malformation and EDS

EDS can exacerbate Chiari as sometimes it can cause instability at the junction of the skull and neck.

Chiari malformation Type I (CMI) has been reported as a condition that can occur with hypermobile EDS (hEDS). The average age of onset tends to be younger in the CMI and EDS subgroup when compared to the general CMI population. CMI is a disorder affecting the tissue around the brainstem, in which a lack of space causes obstruction of the normal fluid movement around the brain.

Obstruction of fluid circulation may flatten the pituitary gland, leading to hormone changes. Surgery should be urgently performed in the presence of worsening neurological problems.

Managing both CMI and EDS is particularly difficult due to the head and neck being overly moveable, with increased risk of fluid (CSF) leaks. CMI may be mild enough not to need surgery, and some cases can get better spontaneously.

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