Mission, Vision & Values

Nursing Mission, Vision, and Values

The Mission, Vision and Philosophy of the Nursing Department/Patient Care Services is aligned and consistent with the mission, vision, and values of Mount Sinai South Nassau.

Nursing Mission

To provide quality, compassionate nursing care based upon mutual respect for our patients, their families and each other.

Nursing Vision
To empower nursing staff to practice innovatively, influence exceptional clinical outcomes, learn continuously, and to create an environment where nurses choose to work and patients want to receive care.

Nursing Philosophy
We, the nurses at Mount Sinai South Nassau…

Value and respect:

  • Our organization's history, leadership and our hospital's Mission, Vision and Values
  • Our patients, their families, ourselves, our co-workers and our community with regard to individual rights and privacy, uniqueness and diversity in culture, values, spirituality, religion, perceptions and opinions
  • The ability to work collaboratively as a multidisciplinary team, committed to respectful and open communication, innovation, attainment of goals and the provision of holistic care
  • Nurses' experience, knowledge, education, commitment, competency, growth and the professional accountability of each caregiver in maintaining the highest standards of safe/quality care for ourselves and the patients/families we serve
  • The human spirit and the importance of patients' input into the decision making regarding their care

Practice the ART of nursing by:

  • Creating a nurturing and supportive environment for our staff that will result in positive patient outcomes whereby the spirit of nursing is inspired, embraced and exhibited in daily practice
  • Listening, understanding, honoring, nurturing, respecting and advocating for our patients and their families while responding to patients' needs by providing compassionate, individualized, holistic care
  • Demonstrating presence, creativity, flexibility, adaptability, confidence, competence and positive influence in interactions with patients, families and our multidisciplinary colleagues on the health care team
  • Recognizing the importance of teaching/learning, mentoring, patience, perseverance, humor and self-care
  • Melding ideas between old and new, communicating, sharing and being committed to the profession of nursing and the need for continual learning and development

Practice the SCIENCE of nursing by:

  • Adapting to, embracing and utilizing technology in order to elevate nursing practice and standards of care
  • Following the nursing process and taking accountability for our actions while proactively addressing issues and obstacles utilizing best practices and evidence-based practice and research
  • Committing to lifelong learning and professional development in order to maintain competence and become influential leaders within our organization as well as our local and extended communities


  • In the value of each life and that every patient deserves the best quality, respectful, individualized care that we can provide; the patient is the purpose and center of our work and should be treated as a member of our South Nassau family
  • Nursing is a calling, and heartfelt nursing care is a choice
  • We have the power to influence, impact and affect change ... in our vision all is possible
  • As professionals, we are responsible and accountable for the care we provide and we recognize the healing power that lives within all of us
  • In the power of teamwork and the ability to reach our goals … we respect all disciplines and we depend on each other to be the best we can be so that we may empower our patients and families as well as ourselves
  • We must embrace technology to bring us forward