Pain Management

Mount Sinai South Nassau Pain Management Center

Pain Management Center

Mount Sinai South Nassau is one of the few area hospitals with a dedicated Pain Management Center. Our team includes physicians trained in pain management anesthesiology, along with highly skilled registered nurses who are experts in the specialty of pain management. We are trained in cutting-edge techniques to help patients improve and manage pain. And for thousands of patients every year, we provide a range of advanced and effective treatments to improve their quality of life. 

We care for patients who are in the hospital, as well as outpatients. Many have experienced sharp, endless, throbbing, acute and chronic pain. Our staff of specialists works with you first to understand the causes of your pain. We then create a personalized pain relief program to combat it, which might involve traditional, complementary and alternative treatments. And over time, we intensely monitor your results, to ensure that your treatment is effective.

Your treatment plan might include:

  • Nerve blocks, to interrupt how pain signals reach your brain. We offer experience with several types:
  • Epidural steroid injections, or shots of medicine into the spaces in the spine
  • Radiofrequency treatment, using radio waves to reduce nerve pain
  • Cryosurgery, which is cold or freezing therapy
  • Spinal cord stimulation, using an electric current to treat chronic pain
  • Cryotherapy, to "freeze" a painful nerve. This treatment can last a few weeks to several months.
  • Radiofrequency thermocoagulation therapy (RFTC), which heats the outside of a nerve to interrupt the transmission of pain sensation to the brain. This procedure provides many months of pain relief.