RN Fellowship Programs

Mount Sinai South Nassau RN Fellowships Programs

RN Fellowships Programs at Mount Sinai South Nassau are guided intensive programs consisting of both didactic and clinical experiences designed to prepare registered nurses to work in the specialty of their choice.

  • Emergency Department RN Fellowship Program (4 months)
  • Critical Care RN Fellowship Program (3 months)
  • Labor & Delivery RN Fellowship Program (4 months)
  • Operating Room RN Fellowship Program (6 months)

Requires 1 Year RN Experience in Acute Care Environment

Application and synthesis of didactic material occurs in the clinical setting initially with guided shadowing experiences followed by supervised clinical care. Both internal and external candidates are considered for the program based on application and interview data.


  • RN license/registration in HR
  • Completed online application

Must be flexible to work all shifts during program including, 8-hour days/nights and 12-hour days/nights.

Experienced RN Fellowship Programs:
Emergency Department
Critical Care
Labor & Delivery
Operating Room

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