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Preparation for Breastfeeding
Saturday, 10:30 am
For women interested in breastfeeding their infants, and for those who have not yet decided. This informative class will help to prepare you for the breastfeeding experience. Instructor is a board-certified lactation consultant. Fee: $30.00 For more information, please call (516) 377-5310.

Breastfeeding & Working
Saturday, 1:00 pm
This class presents options available for breastfeeding women who are returning to the workforce or school. A review of the various types of breast pumps available, recommendations for their use and guidelines for the collection and storage of breast milk are provided. To register, please call (516) 377-5310.

Maternity Orientation
Thursday, 7:30 pm
Conference Room A
Couples registered to deliver at South Nassau are invited to attend this informative program. Information about the hospital, a slide presentation and a tour of the Maternity Unit are included. This is FREE for those planning to deliver at South Nassau. Please call (516) 377-5310 for more information.

Full-Day Prepared Childbirth Class
Saturday, 9:00 am
Parent-Child Education Classroom
The class is open to all couples who require a condensed class due to time constraints. Fee: $175.00 Please call the department of Parent-Child Education at (516) 377-5310 for more information.

Baby Care Class
Monday, 7:00 pm
This two-hour class is for those interested in learning about the newborn. Appearance, behavior and basic care will be discussed. Fee: $30.00 Call (516) 377-5310 for more information

Breastfeeding Support Group
Tuesday, 10:30 am
All mothers and their infants are welcome to attend this informal meeting. Mothers will be able to exchange ideas and share concerns. Led by a board certified lactation consultant. Fee: None Call (516) 377-5310 for more information.

Prenatal Yoga
Tuesday, 7:15 pm
This class is designed to promote increased awareness of one's body and general well-being, providing an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The stretches and positions help to alleviate many of the minor discomforts of pregnancy by increasing balance, flexibility and strength. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise during the childbearing period because it is non-strenuous and gentle. Call (516)377-5310 for more information.

Prepared Childbirth Class
Wednesday, 7:00 pm
An educational program for expectant couples. This series covers the labor and delivery process, relaxation, conditioning exercises, breathing techniques, cesarean section and baby care. This program prepares you for all aspects of your birthing experience. Fee: $175.00 For more information, please call (516) 377-5310.

Learn About Weight Loss Surgery Seminar
Thursday, 6:00 pm
Albert Conference Room
For anyone considering weight loss(bariatric)surgery, the first step is to attend this FREE informational seminar. Our seminar covers information on what to expect throughout the weight loss surgery journey, such as types of procedures offered, how much weight loss can be expected, and what lifestyle changes are necessary after surgery. Please call (516)374-8631 to register and for more information.

Basic Life Support
Saturday, 9:00 am
Albert Conference Room
Learn CPR and save a life! Fee: $90.00 For more information, training dates, please call Community Education at (516) 377-5333.

Sibling Class
Monday, 4:30 pm
Albert Conference Room
A fun, enjoyable group program to help prepare big brothers and sisters-to-be for their new siblings to be delivered at South Nassau or elsewhere. Class participation is encouraged. Fun activities, discussion and tour of the newborn nursery included. Open to children from 3 years of age and up. Call (516) 377-5310 for more information.

Fundraising Events

Support Groups

Bereavement Support Group
Call for info
Please call the Counseling Center at (516) 377-5400 for information.
Breast Cancer Support Group
First Thursday of every month 4pm-5pm
Based on the specific needs of the patients and their families, South Nassau's Cancer Center and 1-in-9 sponsor support groups and therapeutic counseling. Meetings held at Hewlett House, 86 East Rockaway Rd., Hewlett; RSVP is requested. Please call (516) 374-3190 or (516) 632-3354 for more information.
Breastfeeding Support Group
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
All mothers and their infants are welcome to attend this informal meeting. Mothers will be able to exchange ideas and share concerns. Led by a board certified lactation consultant. Fee: None Please call (516) 377-5310 for more information.
Cancer Family Support Groups
In Corordination with 1-in-9: the Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition.
Meetings held at Hewlett House, 86 East Rockaway Rd., Hewlett; Pr-registration is required. Please call (516) 374-3190 or (516) 632-3354 for more information.
Caregiver Support Group
Each Tuesday, 4:00 PM
For caregivers of patients with chronic and/or serious illness to provide information and support. Please call Palliative Care & Geriatric Services at (516) 632-4219 for more information.
Circle of Caring Support Group
For moms and moms-to-be
Call (516) 377-5400 for more information.
Diabetes Support Groups
Type 2 Diabetes - First Thursday of every month 6:30pm-7:30pm; Type 1 Diabetes - Last Thursday of every month 6:30pm-7:30pm
Please call (516) 497-7337 for more information.
Dialysis Support Group
3rd Thursday of every month, 4pm
Please call (516) 255-8062 for more information.
Gastric Sleeve Support Group
Tuesday, December 1
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Albert and Conference Room 2 This support group is designed to aid those patients who have undergone gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery as a tool to assist in their weight loss in adjusting to their new lifestyle. Call (516) 374-8631 for more information.
Prostate Cancer Support Group
Fourth Thursday of Every Month
From 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Conference Room C Designed for people diagnosed with prostate cancer who would like to interact with and learn from other men experiencing the same diagnosis. Call (516) 632-3382 for more information.
Stroke Support Group
2nd Wednesday of every month 5pm-6pm
Please call (516) 632-4389 for more information.

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