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2020 Wantagh Ave

Q1. What is the community benefit of this project?
A. The proposed facility will provide ‘one stop shopping’ for patients seeking access to a wide variety of medical specialists, including a women’s center, radiology, oncology services, digestive health and more. The project will revitalize a building near Sunrise Highway that has been vacant for more than five years and will bring about 100 new jobs to Wantagh while creating economic benefits for the local businesses and the South Shore of eastern Nassau County.

Q2. What are the hours of operation?
A. Initially, the hours of operation for most clinical services will be between the hours of 8am and 5 pm Monday-Friday. Evening hours on select weekdays and on Saturdays will be phased in over time as warranted by patient demand.

Q3. What is the size of the building and what will the space be used for?
A. The entire facility will be used for medical services. The patient-centered interior design will feature approximately 50 comfortably furnished private patient examination and consultation rooms. There will also be non-clinical space, such as waiting areas and administrative areas, as well as mechanical space. The ratio is roughly 75 percent for exam rooms and other clinical activities versus 25 percent for medical support functions.

Q4. What types of services will be offered in the building?
A. Mount Sinai South Nassau’s vision for this facility is to serve as a center for state-of-the-art healthcare, featuring an integrated network of specialty practices provided by highly skilled specialists. This community-focused delivery of multi-specialty healthcare will simplify residents’ access to the physicians that they need, and elevate their overall health, wellness and quality of life. Clinical programs planned for the location include:

  1. Cardiovascular Care Center
  2. Digestive Health Center
  3. Oncology Center
  4. Women’s Health Center (Ob/Gyn, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Urogynecology, Breast Health)
  5. Diabetes Care Center
  6. Orthopedics
  7. Neurology
  8. Imaging
  9. Lab Services
  10. Pain Management
  11. Pulmonology
  12. Same-day surgery
  13. Urology
  14. Dermatology
  15. Rheumatology
  16. Endocrinology

Q5. What enhancements are being made to the building to keep visitors, patients and staff safe?
Many in our community still feel unsafe about visiting a doctor’s office in the COVID-19 era. Mount Sinai South Nassau is committed to keeping our patients and staff safe and is taking every precaution to minimize the risk of infection. The building has been designed with a hospital grade air filtration system and with space planning guidelines to reduce the spread of infection. There are additional, expanded elevators to ensure proper social distancing. Entryways and bathroom facilities will be touchless to reduce the possibility of infection spread.

Q6. Why is this facility needed?
Mount Sinai South Nassau has established community-based specialty healthcare centers so that residents throughout the south shore don’t have to travel outside the region to access the healthcare services they need. For example, a woman can schedule her annual well-woman’s visit on the same day as her annual mammogram and have lab work completed at the same time. Cancer patients can receive chemotherapy close to home, without having to travel into NYC or other locations on the North Shore. We anticipate that the services offered in this building will grow organically, according to the needs of the community, and over time.

Q7. How many people will be working at the building?
At peak times of the day, there would be a maximum of 136 staff, including 30 physicians working in the building. This number would be lower during off-peak hours. There will be no ambulances at the site. A call center in Hicksville is in place to handle most of the calls to the facility, decreasing the number of staff members in Wantagh. There will be no inpatient beds at this location. Ambulatory, or outpatient services only.

Q8. Can't you use the building for back-office hospital staff?
Mount Sinai South Nassau already has extensive back-office space at an administrative facility in Hicksville. The best use of this building, for the greater good of the community, is medical offices to provide much-needed services in the Wantagh-Seaford area. The building will provide a singular location for your ambulatory medical needs, which will greatly assist the elderly, young families, women and children, as well as oncology patients in the area who need care. The building would not be medically or economically feasible if only part of it were used for medical purposes.

Q9. What will the impact be on local traffic?
Regardless of type, reuse of the building will bring traffic to the site. Mount Sinai South Nassau is very sensitive to the needs of the local neighborhood and is working closely with the community to mitigate any negative impact. We commissioned Cameron Engineering to conduct a traffic study at the site. The study concluded that the use of this building will not bring any greater impact on traffic. The site has ample parking for staff and patients, and we do not anticipate a parking issue on local streets. At the request of local community and elected officials, Mount Sinai South Nassau added 65 additional parking spaces by purchasing nearby buildings that will be demolished to create more parking. However, we will closely monitor the parking and traffic situation as the building usage grows and will work with the community to adjust operations as needed.

Q10. What will the impact be to the neighborhood?
The impact will be positive as a building that has been vacant for more than five years will be totally renovated and brought back to life, creating economic opportunity while providing needed medical services to the community. There will be no active ambulances or inpatients at this location. There is no plan to offer behavioral health or drug treatment services at this location. We understand the concerns some residents may have about parking. Our projected visitor/patient calculations are 54 visitors per hour. We estimate that approximately half of patients will stay for longer than an hour. An independent parking study showed that total visitor parking requirements are 81 spaces, which combined with 136 needed for staff, the total spaces needed are 217. There are currently 242 spaces on site. Additionally, MSSN has purchased four adjacent properties that it will convert to 65 additional parking spaces. This meets the parking requirements of the property and exceeds projected demand. For the location to be a success, we understand that there must be ample parking with minimal impact to local streets.

Q11. Will the renovation create economic growth?
The new permanent jobs and daily flow of patients will provide a needed stimulus to local businesses. The strategic advantages of this location will make the facility a source of job creation and a driver of tangible economic activity in the Wantagh business district.

Q12. Is there a similar facility on Long Island?
Health care delivery is changing, especially in the post-COVID-19 era. Now more than ever, it is important to stay healthy and remain on a regular schedule for well-visits and other routine screenings and appointments. More and more of these services are being provided in an ambulatory setting. Mount Sinai Doctors has a similar facility in Greenlawn (near Huntington) in Suffolk County that has been very successful and well received by the local community. At this facility, prominent specialists offer 20 different specialties using innovative treatment options, including on-site radiology and laboratory services. More information can be found here. Following a similar concept to Greenlawn, the excellent care of Mount Sinai Doctors will now be available right in your backyard in Wantagh.

For more information on 2020 Wantagh Ave, please call (516) 377-5370 during business hours.

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