Senior Series

Senior Series

This 8-week "Senior Series" of informative presentations will be held every Thursday, September 14 - November 2, at the Baldwin Library.

Baldwin Library
2385 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, NY 11510
Thursdays Starting September 14, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

September 14
Fall Prevention and Balance Testing: Learn how to “Fall Proof” your home & other tips to prevent injuries. Free Balance Assessment included in class.

September 21
Nutrition: How can a healthy diet benefit you as you age? Are you on a special diet such as low salt, low carbohydrates, or a cardiac diet? Come learn some interesting facts! Free BMI assessment included in class.

September 28
Cancer Screenings and Aging: Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer updates.

October 5
Advance Directives: Learn the dierence between a Living Will and a Health Care Proxy. What is a “Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment”(MOLST)?

October 12
Stress Management and Your Health: How does stress aect your health? Learn stress reduction techniques and how they can play a role.

October 19
Your Doctor Has Told You That You have Diabetes or “Pre-Diabetes”? What does that mean and now what should you do?

October 26

Medication Safety: Tools for preventing forgotten doses or double dosing, basic rules for common drugs, keeping your grand-kids safe from your medications and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

November 2
Immunizations Are Not Just For Kids! Learn about the importance of vaccines that can protect you as you age such as Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles, and Pertussis.

For more information, call South Nassau Community Education at (516) 377-5333.