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A Place Where a Child Matters Most

SIBSPLACE “Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters”


A place to hang your coat and pull up a chair
A place where there is always someone who will listen- just be there
A place where there is always someone who will understand
A place where others might share similar thoughts and feelings and lend each other a hand
A place where others don't judge you for your feelings, thoughts or mood
But give you space to process, "figure it out" improve your attitude
A place where you can see photos of your loved one displayed all around
Where heartfelt conversation, medical and parental education and yes, even laughter abounds
A place where others can recognize the old and the new
Make them comfortable and welcomed with a heart that's true
A place we call SIBSPlace- a home away from home with no equal
A place to honor life, and help our hearts to be peaceful
Healthy happy holiday season to our SIBSPlace friends and families
May our lives be bound forever in loving support and the warmth of our memories

Mission Statement

SIBSPlace© is a free prevention and support program of South Nassau Communities Hospital. The program serves children, ages 5-17, living with a sibling or parent who has cancer or another serious or devastating illness. SIBSPLACE provides support and attention to the unique experience and needs of the well children as they face the issues and conflicts related to the illness of their loved one. Resiliency is fostered through peer support and multi-dimensional activities that encourage expression, self-awareness and the development of coping skills.

SIBSPlace (Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters) is a donor-funded program, and serves a population that has been historically underserved, at no cost to the families. The only program of its kind in the United States, it has served 377 families and 599 children since it was founded in 2000. Serious illness takes its toll on the body, mind and soul of families. How parents and siblings cope with this life altering experience shapes future family dynamics. The reality is when one family member has a devastating illness...the well child suffers too.

Often, families who have a devastatingly ill loved one are too distracted to focus on the needs of the well children. It is a difficult reality for all of the family members. At SIBSPlace we provide a supportive and nurturing environment where children can come together and through play, art and music therapies learn coping skills that will help them lead more effective lives today, and in their future.

During programming, using the SIBSPlace model we address the children's needs through the following peer support activities:

The Feelings Children Living Through this Difficult Family Time May Experience


children are not supposed to be in this life-threatening situation. They recognize their own vulnerability…
they can get cancer… too. They see things that are often too difficult for adults to see and cope with.


around the possibility of loss of a sibling, and loss of family stability.


as they are separated from their parents who are often in the hospital with the ill child. 


everyone is paying attention to the ill child’s needs.  


for the thoughts and feelings they have towards their sibling whose illness has disrupted their lives. 


over events that affect their lives and the ability to make everything go back to normal…
the way it used to be before their sibling was diagnosed.


children don't like being "different" and the well child feels uncomfortable when
an ill loved one draws attention to them. 


SIBSPlace can make a remarkable difference in the outcomes of the lives of its participants. Awareness of our program and the positive impact it can have on the lives of the youngsters who attend SIBSPlace, is highly valuable. Unfortunately, so many communities include families that are affected by the traumatic illness of a child or parent. We hope that no one ever needs our services, however, if they do, than it is a gift to provide the resource of information about our program.


If you are interested in learning more about SIBSPlace, please contact
Suzanne Kornblatt, LMSW, at (516) 374-3000.

“SIBSPlace…A Place Where A Child Matters Most!”

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Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters

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