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    The Center for Sleep Medicine

    If you have trouble falling (or staying) asleep – or sleep like a log and still wake up feeling tired – you may be one of the estimated 70 million Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder.

    Since 2005, South Nassau's Center for Sleep Medicine has grown to become the leading sleep diagnostic center on the south shore of Long Island for adults and pediatrics. Sound and restful sleep is fundamental to our health and well-being. For millions of Americans, though, sleep is regularly interrupted or insufficient. Over time, untreated sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can lead to a higher risk of obesity, depression, heart attack, diabetes, hypertension and stroke. In addition, undiagnosed sleep disorders can have personal and social impacts to your every-day life, including accidents, loss of focus and drive, poor job performance, excessive daytime sleepiness, drowsy driving which can lead to a decreased quality of life.

    The Center for Sleep Medicine is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the only professional society dedicated exclusively to the medical subspecialty of sleep medicine. As the leading voice in the sleep field, the AASM sets standards and promotes excellence in health care, education and research. Our center complies with AASM Standards for Accreditation, the gold standard for patient care in the sleep medicine field. These requirements are regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest advances in sleep medicine, and are designed to guarantee quality and meet the needs of patients and physicians. We are proud to be a part of this elAmerican Academy of Sleep Medicine Logoite nationally known group.

    Our patient-centered approach can provide you with the help you need – when it's convenient for you – in a warm, comfortable center that's close to home.

    Our Mission and Values
    The South Nassau Center for Sleep Medicine's mission is to provide start of the art evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders for all residents of our community in a compassionate environment. We offer a safe, comfortable and spacious sleeping environment; each patient room has been especially designed for sleep care joined with a hotel-style experience. Patients treated at the Center for Sleep Medicine are under the care of a comprehensive team of highly skilled and experienced board registered polysomnographic technologists, who provide superior attention to patient care. Our highly experienced and qualified interpreting physicians are a trademark of our center. All physicians interpret all sleep studies, and will provide them to you and your patients in a timely manner.

    To find out more, call us at (516) 374-8830.

    Do you have a sleep disorder? Take this quiz and find out.

    Message from our Leaders
    The Center for Sleep Medicine is staffed by physicians who are board certified in sleep medicine. Dr. Louis Saffran, co-medical director of South Nassau's Center for Sleep Medicine, explains the trouble with diagnosing sleep apnea and the risk of leaving it untreated: "Finding the problem is the key point. Too many people think that symptoms like snoring are a normal occurrence and are perfectly acceptable. Sleep apnea is dangerous if left untreated. We find that patients who seek diagnosis and treatment discover what a joy sleeping can be. Aside from the improvement in health, they feel better and are more alert."

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