Treatment Planning

After the head frame is in place, it is time for imaging to be done, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) or angiography. Imaging is required to determine the exact size, shape and position of the target in the brain. During imaging, a coordinate box is placed on the head frame to provide reference points on the images for the treatment plan. After imaging, the coordinate box is removed.

Once your images have been taken, you can rest while your physician develops a very precise and accurate three-dimensional treatment plan using the Gamma Knife’s proprietary software. The doctor, very often together with other specialists in the team, develops the plan in a specially designed computer and calculates how the treatment should be performed. Each treatment plan is unique; every patient’s plan is individually designed to address their specific medical condition. The doctor maintains ultimate control over treatment planning, and has the ability to accept or alter the computer-generated plan.

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