Why Do you LOVE working at South Nassau?

"Nurses are the backbone of this hospital"
Local Mayor
"Working at South Nassau is like working with your family- it is not like a job!"
Karen RN
"South Nassau is a great and friendly place to work, kind staff and great nursing care. This is my second home."
Joyce RN
"The Staff are very friendly and outgoing and very caring. This is a great place to work."
Sue RN
"The Staff are very friendly and outgoing and very caring. This is a great place to work."
Jozelle RN
"I love it here.-SNCH is an extension of my family."
Josephine RN
"There is a great sense of teamwork here. I have learned so much."
Katherine RN
"SNCH is the place to be for great staff and compassionate excellent care."
Virginia RN
"It is the people who have kept me here for 23 years and it is the reason I am staying. I grew up here professionally and personally. It is an incredible place to work."
Dena RN
"It's all about Nursing. Nurses are the heartbeat of South Nassau."
Donna RN
"It is the great friendships and compassionate care given here that makes South Nassau a very special place to be."
Margaret RN
"The staff here at South Nassau, embraces each other as family."
Laura RN
"As I have grown in my practice as a nurse I have received so much encouragement and mentoring by the many wonderful and experienced nurses of SNCH. SNCH has a great sense of community and pride in nursing and I am grateful to be a part of this institution as it has embarked on this journey of excellence."
Elizabeth RN
"The pure camaraderie of the people you work with makes South Nassau a great place to work. Truly a team!"
Madeline RN
"It is the great family atmosphere and the excellence in nursing that makes South Nassau great."
Nancy Director
"It is the professional and personal growth here that makes it great. I love the camaraderie and the team work. SNCH is my family."
Charmaine RN
"My son was born here and the nurses took excellent care of me. SNCH is a great place to work!"
Kathy RN
"It is a really nice place to work, friendly atmosphere yet very professional and filled with dedicated nursing staff."
Betsy RN
"It is a wonderful work environment"
Debbie RN
"It is all about the friends I have made throughout the years I have been working here and the experience I have gained in my specialties. I would not consider working anywhere else."
Pamela RN
"My co workers are my family. That is why I stay here. We are a great team committed to the same goal of excellence and care with compassion."
Misako RN
"South Nassau is where the BEST nurses can be found!"
Debbie RN
"The people here are dedicated to a very high standard of practice."
Kathleen RN
"There are so many reasons I love working at South Nassau. It has been part of my family since I was a child. I have grown up here and now I am an RN in the ED. It has helped me make my dreams come true!"
Denise RN
"The people who work here and support you as a nurse make me want to stay here. They make it a great place to work."
Trudy RN
"It is like family - working here is a privilege - the support I get makes it possible for me to touch lives every day."
Mary Liz RN
"South Nassau values its nurses and lets them KNOW they are valued."
Lynn RN
"South Nassau nurses have great camaraderie and push for excellence all the time."
Theresa RN
"It is a family here. Nurses have a voice and they are heard through many different venues. Our opinions are respected and we help each other grow; to strive for excellence – always for our patients."
Eileen RN
"I have been an RN at SNCH for 24 years. The love and compassion in ICU and homecare will remain with me forever."
Dorothy RN
"The family bond and open door policy and support and care from our mentors make this an amazing place to work."
Sandra RN
"I love the teamwork and the purpose. I love the longevity of staff here and the loyalty of my colleagues and friends."
Paula RN
"The great sense of teamwork and the terrific family atmosphere is why I love South Nassau!"
Lori RN
"Nurses are the heart and soul of South Nassau; Nurses truly define us as an organization and make a difference in the lives of our patients and families."
"Opportunities are abundant and we become a family as we are supported and work toward achieving excellence for our patients and families."
Nelson RN
"South Nassau is a true example of exemplary patient care and excellence in customer service. "
Lori RN
"I love working here because of the friendly co workers and colleagues. Why would I go anywhere else when I have all I want here!"
Frank RN
"Nurses are the heart of this organization"

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